About Us

Our mission

Car owners - we are your best choice for a personal transportation solution. When building trailers we rely on our long experience, quality management and environmental sustainability.

Long-term experience - we have manufactured trailers for the Baltic and Scandinavian market for more than 30 years, satisfying even the most demanding needs of our customers. Harsh Nordic winters have provided our product developers with a variety of challenges - where our aim has forever been to build trailers that are durable, yet with a modern design. Functionality and innovation reflects in all our products. The parts of the trailer that are not manufactured in our factory, are supplied by the world's leading manufacturers, in an aim to ensure maximum durability of our trailers.

Quality - we select always the most durable components to ensure strong structures, without forgetting the importance of product design in the development process. Our organization and production is in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and all the stages of the production process undergo thorough quality control. TIKI factory uses the latest hot dip galvanizing technology, giving our trailers an overwhelming weather resistance for decades.

Environmental sustainability - we use the most modern production equipment and innovative materials. We take responsibility for the preservation of our environment. All our employees work in accordance with the guidelines that benefit environmental sustainability, respecting the rules established by the company in order to ensure the efficient use of resources.